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Why We Need a Hard Drive Eraser Software Data security in any organization is the foremost thing and the very first that the business should take care about. In most of the companies, individuals spend many hours working on internet and save their crucial information in the system. Individuals normally use various intense methods and totally protected passwords to safeguard anything or the information which they don’t wish to reveal or share with anyone. So to prevent information misuse, it becomes essential to totally delete all of the info from your hard disk, in the event you’re donating or are selling off your system. The truth is, deleting or even formatting the info from your computer system doesn’t mean that the info is deleted. Until it’s overwritten, the information stays in the hard disk. Here comes the necessity to make use of a strong Data wipe software to erase your info fully and by any means make the data unrecoverable. Slowly the importance of making these tools accessible for the common man rose due to the increase in the rate of cyber-crimes, though the requirement for this type of file eraser applications was felt only in some specific organizations. This led to the development of various file deletion and disk wipe tools that were made accessible on the web.
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For example, you would like to sell to your friend your old computer which has your personal information. You delete all of the information and format the drive correctly before selling it off. But does that mean that all of the information was deleted permanently in the hard disk? In fact, the deleted data remains on the drive, but gets somehow inaccessible. Formatting doesn’t remove the data permanently from the hard disk until the path is overwritten. The content of the files stay on the hard disk. It is that the path of your data gets deleted. The info can easily be recovered with a top quality data recovery software, which can lead to misuse of your own professional or personal information.
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Hence, in order to prevent your data from falling to the wrong hands, you’ve to utilize a top data wipe software to remove the information. These drive wipe utilities methodically overwrite the existing information with 1 and 0 at random and wipes off the information forever. To remove your data forever in the hard disk, use the WhiteCanyon Wipe Drive software to completely delete your information without any possibility of data recovery. This drive wipe software utilize highly advanced algorithms that wipe to make sure complete eradication of info from the hard disk. Their user interface that is easy to use and comprehend. They can also be acquired for both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows OS.