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The Best Tools in Building a Successful Study Plan for NBCOT Candidates Each and every human beings in this day and age needs to have a stable job that can make them and their families feel secured living in this complicated world that can provide them and their families the resources that they need for their basic needs and wants in life. It is a must that every human beings should choose a profession that are based on their own likings and interest, for doing such can help them in obtaining the greatest feelings in the world, which includes satisfaction, happiness, delight and contentment, because it is a fact that living in this world is very complicated and difficult due to the obstacles and trials that may come in their way before they can achieve their lifetime dreams and goals. As the years passed by, a lot of new professions and careers are beings designed and produced based on the common needs and for the benefit of the each and every human beings and an occupational therapist is just one of the example of the latest professions. A certified occupational therapist are using both the assessment and treatment for their patients that have disorders with their cognitive, physical and mental aspects, and by doing the proper procedure they can help their patients to recover, maintain and develop and skills for both their work and their daily living activities. The interventions used by these professionals is focusing more on modifying the task; identifying and eliminating environmental barriers to independence; adapting the environment; educating the client and their family to increase participation and performance of daily activities; and teaching the skills. Some of the common areas that are being practiced by a certified occupation therapist are as follows, play, leisure, work, education, rest and sleep, social participation, IADLs or instrumental activities of daily living and ADLs or activities of daily living. Some of the common area of practice of occupation therapist includes travel occupation therapy, work and industry, use of psychology, rehabilitation, productive aging, mental health, children and youth, and health and wellness. An individual who aspires to become a certified occupation therapist needs to hold a doctoral and master’s degree from an accredited institution and by passing a licensing examination held by an organization which is called as NBCOT or the national board certification in occupational therapy. The national board certification in occupational therapy or NBCOT for short have their very own website that is open in the public people, and their website does not only consist of the details and information about their organization but they are also giving some important and useful tips for the candidates who are planning to take the licensure examination such as the proper tools that they can follow and used to obtain and achieve a successful study plan as they ready themselves for the licensing examination.

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